Last Critics

Argentinean guitarist impresses

[…] an artist of unquestionable talent and subtle musicality […] showed the deep knowledge of his instrument, his ductility and he aesthetic sense that placed him at the vanguard of the soloists.
Herald Tribune

I've been observing this unique guitarist for a while and I was impressed that he doesn't always hold his guitar in the same way.
When for instance he is playing Rodrigo's Fantasia para un Gentilhombre, he holds his guitar in the traditional classical style. However, for some reason he holds the guitar in a hybrid flamenco style in his Concierto de Aranjuez, just as Pepe Romero and Sabicas.
He plays fine either way, but does it change projection and sound in some way?
I can't imagine if a musician of his level does it for fun or to make himself look more interesting.
Classical Guitar London 

The Argentine Rolando Saad at the Berlin Philharmonic.

The most anticipated moment of the evening came with the beautiful and touching Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo. Rolando Saad was the architect of the performance that impressed the audience. His virtuoso performing enhanced this exquisite score thanks to the singular sound of the artist obtained by fingertip touch only. The remarkable dynamic scale, allowing him to be in tune together with a symphony orchestra, makes of Rolando Saad the exceptional guitarist also.

A dream recital
El Mundo Madrid, January 11, 2013 

Expression of emotions and feelings

"He showed an enviable artistic maturity, not only on the solidity of his technique preparation but on the emotional expression of his temperament lyrically inspired.
The musicality of the artist and his temperament was on his side in a special way as for the sensibility of the Spanish authors that was interpreted with an absolute creative sensibility" 
Beselinka Babamova, Diario Nueva Macedonia.   

Majestic perfection

"The most intense moment was the famous adagio of the concert, performed by Saad with a fantastic elasticity and artistic feeling. I have already listened to plenty of recordings of the Concierto de Aranjuez with great guitarists and the question would be if I have come across someone better or with deeper soul than the masterly sensitive and virtuous performance of Saad."
Smalandsposten, Sweden 

Spanish night, night of guitar

"An excellent soloist of the Spanish guitar raised the curtain of the opening of the last Festival Manuel de Falla. Rolando Saad made an excelent execution of the Fantasia para un gentilhombre, putting on the stage his particular technique that takes from the soul of the guitar a particular son, fruit of playing the string whit decision and security, helped only with the fingertips. His gesture surrounds not only the guitar with the one he merges in the concert, but passes on serenity and control without words. Force, expression and feeling are wrapping up too by this special communication that Saad strikes up with the audience since the first quaver. And really worth to listen to Saad during the interpretation  of El Concierto de Aranjuez, wich I mark as excellent and peculiar. The version of Saad of El amor Brujo sounded fantastic, getting that his guitar really sing, free and with personality." 
Jesús Sánchez Ferragut - Diario de Cádiz

More guitar, please!

"Saad has interpreted this composition more than 700 times on the stages of concert halls in Europe and this seems puzzling: How does one keep the feelings? Because he does precisely this, he plays from the inside; you can feel he loves this music, that he is linked to it."
Camila Dal, Sweden 

In the footsteps of Segovia and Sainz de la Maza

"Rolando Saad praised the beauty of classical guitar with the interpretation of the Concierto de Aranjuez and Fantasia para un Gentilhombre."
La Crónica de León, January 12, 2013  

Temperamentally Spanish

"The Argentinian guitarist Rolando Saad took the beautiful nuances out of his instrument which were founding an appropriate contribution accompanied by the orchestra"
Horst Reischenböck. Dreh PunktKultur, Salzburg

"He's an excellent guitarist and I enjoyed his performance with orchestra immensely."
Classic Guitar, London

Entertaining spanish evening

"The guitar player Rolando Saad earned the applause of the numerous audience as a long distance soloist of the Concierto de Joaquín Rodrigo, showing a decisive and refined spirit in facing the troubles of this fascinating piece of work."
Octavio de Juan. La Verdad

A celebration of the spanish guitar at the Barbican

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra -Fuat Mansurov, conductor- Rolando Saad, guitar. Saad during a break from a recording with orchestra

"The event was great. Both the orchestra and Rolando Saad were amazing. He is truly a gifted guitarist and was a pleasure to listen to." 

Eddie Lake. London and Beyond, England

Great tribute to the Spanish music

"A splendid program and a precise execution of soloist and orchestra, with soul because this music requires precision, technique and passion. Rolando Saad passed on the riches of the timbre and the beauty of the Spanish guitar. 
La tribuna de Albacete (May 5th, 2011)

The Power of the guitar

"Rolando Saad brightly showed the power of the guitar and the audible panorama of the guitar, -that has an intense strength which the aesthetic can’t be deleted: under his fingers, the soft tone vibrated like in an arch instrument, and sometimes, as an organ as well."

"It's definitely a master of something very Spanish, a master of the guitar"
Faro de Vigo 

The Argentinean artist presented to us in his totality as a complete performer that inside of himself linked the emotive-artistic approach and intellectual-analytic of the master pieces, thanks to his extraordinary internal riches and his technique, dominated to its perfection, let to his instrument sing, to be sad, play and talk." 
Mijail Igmiatovic, Diario de Niš

“The nice soloist, the famous Argentinean guitarist Rolando Saad, fulfilled the expectations. Saad was in his element with his vivacious and fascinating interpretation. The splendid and celestial part of the Adagio, the one we can really label as a success, meant the highest moment of the night with a sensitive and emotional interpretation of the soloist. As well, in the fast part of the ending, the virtuous interpretation of Saad kept all the charm and spirituality.”
Arto Safari, Tehomylly. Helsinki, Finland

A tribute to the spanish guitar

“Rolando Saad proved to be a great guitarist in this brilliant Spanish program”.
Klassik guitarr, Sweden

“Rolando Saad expressed huge emotions in every note of the Concierto de Aranjuez”.
Elcorreodigital, Spain


Rolando Saad at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino of Florence 

"What a fantastic interpreter, what a tone and what diction! […] a dreamer Aranjuez, lyric and entranced that let to the Argentina soloist, Rolando Saad, to show the sensible and temperamental artist that is inside him, showing vehemence in the expression of the famous Adagio and virtuosity at the last time."
Antonio Gasco, Diario de Castellón

A silent dedication

"A silent dedication to the execution accompanied everybody after the interpretation of Rolando Saad […] the popular Catalan melodies where carried out with a tonal transcendence subjugated and interpreted with an impressive rituality, it was a night of a successful artistic encounter […] the balance between the melodic and the harmonic was of a beauty rarely seen."
Enriko Josif, Diario Política - Belgrado

“In the Concierto de Aranjuez Rolando Saad achieved his highest quality moments, showing the best of his musical qualities. He started with character and personality, dominated the virtuous landscapes of the whole play and specially created a unique atmosphere in the second movement.”
Teresa Pueyo. Diario del Alto Aragón, Spain

“Ara Malikian, Ainhoa Arteta, Rolando Saad. Real luxury strings for our ears delight”.
Artez, Spain

“A splendid concert, inspired in Andalusia’s culture. The neat keys of the guitar and its rhythmical energy reflected perfectly the Spanish character. Rolando Saad’s interpretation of the famous Concierto de Aranjuez was absolutely marvellous. The soloist was the virtuous and passionate guitarist Rolando Saad. An exceptional and unique technique”.
Renata Swirercz. Varsovia, Polan

Masterly concert of Aranjuez

"More than playing, he caressed the instrument that showed to know like few and which music left from his fingers looked celestial, from another dimension."
Diario de Jaén

“Refined gentleness shown in each note…Virtuosity and perfection, providing the guitar the entire expression that can be obtained from the instrument.”

Rolando Saad: Original guitarist

Rolando Saad demonstrated its expressiveness and virtuosity, bringing shades of originality: the melodic and harmonic enrichment. El Concierto de Aranjuez was settled with poise, professionalism and originality of interpretation. The guitarist’s personal musical contribution was appreciated by the audience and therefore he received a big applause.
Leopoldo Centeno. La voz de Galicia, España

“Rolando Saad gained audience’s favor thanks to his musicality”
Plzensky Denik, República Checa

A tribute to the Spanish guitar at Cervantes

"The argentinean Rolando Saad is characterized for its passion to pass on to the audience the beautiful sound of the Spanish guitar." 

A recital of an extraordinary level

"With a prodigious technical mastery, Rolando Saad kept audience suspended from the strings of his guitar. Master of a wealth of rich timbres truly out of the ordinary, he wonderfully used the acoustics of the chapel of San Bras. A refined artist, Rolando Saad performed a work of remarkable aesthetic rigor, adding to the difficulties of the program rhythmic resources with good taste and expressiveness."
Norma Silva. Journal of Guimaraes, Portugal

Success of the guitarist Rolando Saad

"A beautiful program where Rolando Saad showed himself as an artist of excellent technique,  with powerful, beautiful and neat sound full of musicality and expressiveness."
Diario de Pontevedra 

Good concert of the guitarist Rolando Saad

"The Argentinian has an excellent technique. Very young, too young for the display of musicianship he did.  Our attention goes to the great qualities and musicality that he showed in his interventions, especially with regard to performing with fingers of his left hand."
Salvador Pueyo. Diario del Alto Aragón

Exceptional concert of Argentinian Saad

"A perfect mastery of the instrument and a refined technique. With superb artistic skills he masterfully performed masterpieces of the greatest classical and romantic composers.  The artist gave himself fully in all his performances, being applauded at length."
Diario de Cadiz, Spain

Successful concert tour in Mexico

El Universal, Mexico

Magnificent concert in the Cathedral

"Rolando Saad achieves a clean sound and great sensitivity in his interpretation."
Nuevo Diario Cordoba

"Rolando Saad was able to show nuances by pulling from the guitar tenuously subtle piano notes and strong and vibrant sound. All masterpieces revealed sentiment and technical mastery of the artist."
Arcadio Gomila. Minorca

"Rolando Saad is a refined guitarist, with wide range of abilities in handling the instrument. There was a coordination between the guitar and orchestra and the score of maestro Rodrigo transmitted vitality along different moments."
Joseba Lobera.Correo Español, Vitoria

"Exceptional concert."
Ideal, Granada

"The audience happened to reaffirm that it was a memorable night."