Pasionate career

First stages

In 1980 Saad debut in Palma de Mallorca

It was Maria Luisa Anido the first one that pushed him to go on stage. And she made it with the same natural manner she played the guitar. One day they met for a drink and she asked him to come with her to Telefonica, as she wanted to make a phone call. In her way out she said his student: “I’ve just talked with Palma de Mallorca and you have your first concert”. And that was it, the 14th of November 1980 he made his debut in the island.

Programa de mano del primer concierto en Palma de Mallorca


After his learning period in Spain, Saad had to go back to Argentina, and besides, interrupting his career because of the military service. From his country he fought tireless to achieve a scholarship that would allow him going back to Spain. His merits and fight were fruitful and he achieved the best scholarship ever granted by the Argentinean Government, by the Culture’s Secretary of the presidency of Argentina. Those were tough years, on which he worked hard to acquire the experience and achieving the stated aim.

Memories and anecdotes there’re hundreds of them (just take a look at the “traveling” section). His performances were meant to be heard in the most known theatres and halls worldwide, but in this moment the guitarist had to go through the steps that divided the high hills of the international music and the places were the music was just a simple accompaniment. And he knew its must be done safely. Without losing the north of what he desired.

Saad in tour by Polonia, 1985