Pasionate career

To live playing

Vitality on stage

Rolando offered several and different performances all around Spain and Argentina. Since 1984 his reputation precedes him and he starts moving in a much more selected and prestigious circuit. During the three following years he offered about 150 performances a year as a soloist, a real madness for any musician. “But I could easily be able to perform 300 times a year without having enough”, the artist remembers. In this moment he has the energy of the youth and the voracity that his passion gave him. At the age of 26 he had already played in 40 countries and the tours, always tiring, didn’t tire him, it was like an adrenaline injection. “I was dispirited at the end of the tour. When the journey arrived to the end it was like a small tragedy for me”.

The stage does not lies and the audience were surrounded with this powerful energy that emanates from the artist (he plays until seven encores in a tour on Germany and Eastern Europe). The loud applauses went on and on, as well as the awards and the recognitions. He’s being recognized with the Chopin’s medal in the city of Wroclaw (Poland, 1985) and the award “Cittá de Milano” (Italy, 1987).

Rolando just wants to go on playing; he wants the tours to be longer, that the concerts won’t end, because he never has enough. And that’s maybe the quality that stops him to boast about what he has achieved and go on. 

“I never made a big deal of it, I thought I was acting normally, that this was the musician’s life”. I thought I was giving few concerts, but afterwards I understood that in this eld no one believed I was performing so much”.





Concert in the
Salvador de Sevilla
Church, 1996