Pasionate career

The begining

At seven he discovered his love for the guitar

Rolando Saad has lived the music as he has shared it with his audience in the main auditoriums worldwide, and has traveled across the five continents with his guitar. Hearing one of his concerts is getting surrounded with all this vital experience that allows him to perform each piece in a personal and unforgettable manner. To better understand how he achieves this one has to get immersed in the history of man and musician.


The beginning of a romance

It all began with the strum of a guitar. And although he was only seven years old, Rolando Saad discovered the love, no the one that poets sing, but the love for the music. His father transmitted him the love for music, his uncle was a guitarist and made him feel the emotion, although it was himself that always knew in his early years what he wanted to be: “I’ve never had doubts. I never even thought about the violin, not even the cello or the piano or nothing else. It was clear for me that it was the guitar”.
Many parents try to instill in their children the interest for music; a lot of children do it just as another hobby, and after seeing the effort it requires, what at the first moment was made just for pleasure it end becoming an obligation. This was not Saad’s case. He, in his childhood, always looked forward for the class and without telling him anything he could be hours and hours rehearsing in his room. That was the beginning of a romance that would last forever: the guitarist and his guitar. At this time he was being formed with Beatriz Leone in her prestigious school Tarrega, a school that followed the teaching of the mythic guitarist Francisco Tarrega (1852- 1909), one of the most renowned of the moment.

As time went by and Rolando learned more, it was clear that this passion couldn’t stay between them: it deserved an audience that could also enjoy it. But one of the characteristics of this musician is that basically he hasn’t lost the emotion produced by having a good time with his instrument. “For me it’s a hobby I’ve transferred to the professional field “.

This passion, combined with the resolution of achieving what he most desired, has become the renowned international musician he’s nowadays. “When I was little boy I was desperate thinking that maybe I couldn’t arrive being a famous guitarist that, couldn’t transcend…While listening to the Concierto de Aranjuez I dreamt about countries, situations, with what I would liked living…those were really precious moments because of the desire they enclosed. And, at the same time, those were clear signals that I wanted to be a musician, a guitarist; in fact I wanted to be a guitarist more than a musician”.